KYC Policy

The Company (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “the Casino”) adheres to and complies with the requisite “Know your customer” (“KYC”) principles, to prevent financial crime and money laundering by identifying the Player (“Player”) through due diligence measures.

We reserve the right to, at any time, ask for any KYC documentation if it deems necessary to determine the identity and location of a User (“User”) on (“Website”).

We reserve the right to restrict the Service (“Service”), payment, or withdrawal until identity is sufficiently determined, or for any other reason in our sole discretion based on the legal framework.

We take a risk-based approach and perform strict due diligence checks and ongoing monitoring of all clients, customers, and transactions. As per the money laundering regulations, we utilize three stages of due diligence checks, depending on the risk, transaction, and customer type:

  1. SDD – simplified due diligence is used in instances of extremely low-risk transactions that do not meet the required thresholds.
  1. CDD – customer due diligence is the standard for due diligence checks, used in most cases for verification and identification.
  1. EDD – enhanced due diligence is used for high-risk customers, large transactions, or special cases.

1. Documents

Below you can find different types of documents (“Documents”) and information that can be requested from us depending on the screening type indicated above:

1.1. The minimum identification data set includes.

a. Full name;

b. Date of birth;

c. Permanent residence address;

d. Identification number;

1.2. The identification documents are:

a. Actual passport/ID card

b. A Document confirming that the client’s permanent residence address at the given time (utility bill such as electricity bill, water bill, landline/internet bill, bank account statement status, etc.) is not older than 3 months.

1.3. Additional identification documents are:

a. Additional national identity card (driver’s license, military ID, etc.);

b. Photos of a User with an open passport against the background of his face (readable);

c. Bank card front photo (5 first and 4 last digits, owner’s name, and expiry date, readable);

d. Bank statement (IBAN number, owner’s name, issue date, residence address, readable);

e. E-wallet (Full name, email address, date, readable)..

f. Source of funds

g. Proof of online deposit method

h. Source of wealth.

1.4. The documents provided might not be approved for the following reasons:

a. Address/name on documents do not match with account name/address;

b. Illegible documents or copies;

c. Damaged documents;

d. Documents not confirming the User’s age, name, or other required information;

e. Unreadable documents;

f. Not acceptable documents (documents not part of the above list); and

g. Any other reason employees or contractors of the Company shall deem appropriate.

1.5. Once documents are uploaded, the “KYC Team” will have 48 hours to go over them and email the User about the outcome: 1) Approved; 2) Rejected; 3) More information needed (with no further change in Status);

1.6. Users with Pending KYC Status (“Pending KYC Status”) (not Approved yet) can normally use the platform but their right to complete any withdrawals is limited.

1.7. No deposits or withdrawals can be made by the User if they to pass the KYC check successfully.

1.8. If a User has passed the KYC check successfully, prior to any withdrawal, there is a detailed algorithmic and manual check on the activity and balance of the User to confirm if the amount withdrawn is a result of proper activity in the platform.

1.9. Under no circumstances may a User transfer funds directly to another User.

1.10.If the User fails to provide the requested documents, any pending withdrawals will be canceled. Once the verification is complete, the User may request a new withdrawal.

1.11.We reserve the right to limit and/or restrict access to your account including, without being limited to restricting access to the amounts deposited into the account.

1.12. Providing incomplete, false, inaccurate, and/or misleading information is considered a breach of this Policy. In this case, at our sole discretion, in addition to any other actions, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your Personal Account and/or deny you further use of Website services and/or withhold all funds in your Personal Account.